Nicolas Coffin is a master Chef confectioner, chocolate and ice-cream maker.
He is a « Compagnon du Tour de France » : famous guild of the masters touring France after their apprenticeship.
During this high-level training of 8 years, he used to learn and perfect his traditional Job in Strasbourg, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille, Brussels(Belgium), Paris and Dijon in French.
Professional and human in his career, he wants to pass down his know-how acquired over the years
He would like to contribute his skills and knowledge about culinary art
After 8 years of training with the « Companions » guild, Nicolas and his wife Valerie opened a Pastry Shop and tea-room in Burgundy, in the historic center of Dijon : « Le Veronese » 
Since its establishment in November 1989, he has been recognized for the quality of his services and in 1999, Nicolas received the first prize of the sign given by the city of Dijon
He appears regularly in régional, national and trade press.
This nice adventure will last 20 years.
nicolas coffin

nicolas coffin